Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Bountiful Harvest

gardening in Texas is no joke. 
I decided to use my time wisely in the Spring, because come Summer, everything will be dead, brown, and crispy.
the tomatoes are flourishing... but my sad little chile plants are like 'no.'
maybe I'll have to replant those into pots, because I'm thinking the tomatoes are just overpowering them....
There's a cilantro plant in there that's flourishing as well.  I've had notoriously bad luck with cilantro in years past, so this was more of an experiment than anything.
I might entertain the notion of a second raised bed come next year...

....and there's the first harvest.  It was a shock to bend over and see little red orbs just waiting to be picked!  Eating tomatoes warm straight from the garden was something I remember fondly as a kid...too bad none of my kids like tomatoes.  (Well, not really 'too bad'....more for me!)

I'm already planning for kale and/or lettuces come Fall/Winter.  (Pray with me that we skip Summer and go straight into Fall....)

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Road To Hell

the road to hell....

 .......is paved with good intentions. or so they say....

 good intentions to write in my blog......and then I forgot about it. or I had to bathe the cat. or paint my toes. or wash the windows. (not really about that last one.)

but here I am. because Val (bless her adorable sweet heart) poked me and said "hey....I'm not trying to be up in your kool aid here, sister....but get on with it!" which is totally what I needed. Sure, Facebook is easier....you don't need to make a cohesive paragraph on Facebook....but blogging gives me a chance to ramble on a bit. (Oddly enough, in person, I'm not that talkative....but get me a keyboard and blah blah blah blah blah....)

 I suppose I don't really need to play catch up -- same old same old with a chance of rain (I wish!) .........I'm depressed and then I'm not. I'm gaining weight, and then I'm losing it. Eh, such is life.

One good thing to end - it's Spring. Not Summer. (because Summer in Texas can suck it!)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's Not Like Riding A Bike

'I think I'll post a new entry...

....but....nah...it's been so long....

....and what the hell would I say....'

*type type type*



Sunday, July 22, 2012

Still Kickin' It, But...


I'll get over it.  Unless I don't.

But...I'm really tired, too. 

And this never-ending Hellish heat is making me sad, as well.  I need to move.  I can't take this 100 degrees every day mess.  I just can't.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Garner State Park

"Mom!  I wanna go to a park for my birthday!"
....can't say 'no' to birthday requests!
picnic spot in the shade right next to the river.

swim and eat, eat and swim

at 95 degrees....that Frio River felt amazing

beautiful views

....plenty of shade...

there's my posse!  we don't bother cutting the watermelon - we just drop it, let it explode, and grab a piece...

....looking at the gorgeous Hill Country
...day well spent!
Are we going again?  Heck, yeah....we bought the yearly park passes!
Totally worth it!  (although, getting in the park was $7.00 a head....omg..)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today - June 11, 2012
Outside My Window - the sun is blazing again. 103 is the expected high. It's so hot that I don't hear a sound at all. No birds, no kids, no cars....

I Am Thinking - about getting up for another cup of coffee. This girl needs a little help today....

I Am Thankful For - waking up to my daughter laying next to me asking me to make her headache go away. :) aww....

From The Kitchen - eurgh....I don't want to think about making anything. But.....I know I'll have to eventually. There's ground beef that's thawed, so I'll figure out something using that for dinner...

I Am Wearing - denim capris and a white shirt with grey stripes.

I Am Creating - nothing. My 'want to' has been taken over by my 'have to'. I really used to be very creative. Now, I'm just kind of 'meh' about it.

I Am Going - to the lake at the end of the week to celebrate a late birthday. It's supposed to be 95 degrees by the end of the week.... better than 103, isn't it? I hope there's a strong breeze and abundant shade....

I Am Reading - the closed captioning at the bottom of the TV.  Mob Wives!

I Am Hoping - that this summer is not as hot as I suspect it will be. Temperatures like those affect my mood...and not in a good way. As I get older, I just can't take it..... or maybe each year just keeps getting hotter, I don't know....

I Am Hearing - the cat scuffling around in a box....the hum of the dehumidifier.....canaries chirping and flapping around....

Around The House - trying to get together a couple boxes of stuff to give to Goodwill. I just have too much stuff. Why on earth do I have so. much. stuff?!

One Of My Favorite Things - is waking up when I want to wake up...and not when the dogs decide I should wake up.

Something New About Me - I never get tired of going out to eat. Never.

One Of My Guilty Pleasures - is my soft beautiful bed. Ohhhh, bed....I love you.

Pet Peeves - I don't know that this is a 'peeve', but french manicured toenails freak me out. Why are your toenails that long?! *covers eyes*

A Picture Thought I'm Sharing:
I can't even express how much I love this.
...and so ends the Daybook for this week
^for more Daybookers!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today - June 5, 2012
 Outside My Window - the sun is blazing and it will be very hot today...high 90s, the weatherman says. Ick. Although, I cut the grass last night in the dark (quite windy last night too....so I was glad about that....cools everything down AND keeps the mosquitos away) so I could wake up this morning to a pretty freshly cut yard....

 I Am Thinking - about what to make for side dishes with dinner. I took out some pork steaks to be grilled.... maybe some green beans with bacon and a salad...

 I Am Thankful For - waking up with the dogs all cuddled around me on the bed. I may be a little sore from the contortionist act I do all night, but the fact that they want to be close to me makes me happy.

 From The Kitchen - eeks...gotta go in there and clean it before I can do anything else. No baking going on, but there is some pastries from the bakery on the corner sitting there for whoever wants them....

 I Am Wearing - denim capris, a pajama shirt, and striped fuzzy socks. Ohhh, I'm the picture of hotness, I guarantee you....

 I Am Creating - a blog post and that's about it...

 I Am Going - nowhere I can think of....maybe out to the grocery store and the pet store for the cat. She is very hoity and likes her Blue Buffalo cat food.

 I Am Reading - Romantic Homes magazine. I browse through it and think 'If Only....'

 I Am Hoping - that my twice broken toe will heal a little more quickly. Wearing shoes with a broken toe is not pleasant.

 I Am Hearing - the hum of the dehumidifier, the birds chirping and pecking at their treats in the cage, the hum of the fish tank (oops! forgot to feed them this morning!)

 Around The House - mess mess here, mess mess there....ehhh....what are you going to do. As long as nobody falls and breaks their neck, I guess I'm alright...

 One Of My Favorite Things - is running my hands through dry beans when I am getting ready to make a pot. I know it's strange, but it's rather soothing, too. No wonder it's a favorite activity of little kids...

 Something New About Me - I'm dieting and doing pretty alright. Sure, I have rough days where I'm just annoyed at having to think about my food, but I suppose I'd rather do that than just eat myself into a food coma...

One Of My Guilty Pleasures - cinnamon toast.  I could easily eat 5 slices.  But only cinnamon toast....any other pastry....eh.

 Pet Peeves - people playing their violin coooooonnnnnstantly.

 A Picture Thought I'm Sharing:
kids find their own fun, don't they?

 ....and there's my day book for this week. More Daybookers over at The Simple Woman