Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Calgon, Take Me Away!

WHY today has been stressful, I don't know.  Maybe because the kids were in my face every second of the day.  Maybe because the state of the house is driving me nuts.  (yeah yeah...I can hear you ......'Well then get off the computer and clean up!'  Well...I have been cleaning for a good three hours.  I deserve a break, ok?!  Before I dehydrate or something....  :)   but anyway...)  I made dinner....smoked sausage, boxed cheesy potatoes, and green beans with bacon.  The kids proclaimed it mediocre.  I'm mentally calculating how long it will take before one of them needs a snack.  <g>  Ah well, Jesse always strokes my ego when it comes to my cooking.  It could be a charred tortilla with some horseradish on it and he'd say it was good, bless his heart.

I'm feeling the need to paint my living room.  It's wood.  panelling.  you know the stuff.  But, this panelling is a little different.  This isn't the stuff that came in sheets.  The person that put this in had to have some muscle and a few helpers.  It's REAL wood.  The heavy stuff....tongue and groove type business.  I'm thinking to myself...' I paint over it?  Do I cover it with drywall?!  I DAMN SURE don't want to plaster....Hmm.....'  although I know I want a dark color.  Dark olive green would be nice.  It's a big room, so I can pull off a dark color.  Speaking of redecorating.  I saw....the bedroom set of my DREAMS.  I heard angels when I saw this bed.  It's in the new Vintage Collection from Broyhill.  The Juno bed, I believe it's called.  I will have this bed some day.  For now though, I might as well go to the showroom and find out how much blood I'm going to have to sell to buy it.  I'm thinking I may need to sell a kidney, too.  (kidding, folks, my kidney is not for sale.  y'all wouldn't want it anyway.  I'm prone to kidney stones, so there's been some pinball that's been played in them thar kidneys.) with all the yapping here, I'm a bit more calm.  Jesse will come home from his part time job, the kids will mob him instead...he'll wrap me in his arms and hug me tight .....and all will be right with the world.  He may even offer to stroke my back while I fall asleep again.  :)  ::contented sigh::  Hee hee.....just the THOUGHT of getting carressed is relaxing me....  I.....really love that man......  :)

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