Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's my first time! :)

At the urging of my friend, Jaime....I decided to journal.  In any case...the kids don't bother me when I'm on the computer.  I wonder why.  Oh well...I shouldn't question it, huh?!   Here's a little background of me.  Since my husband was active military for a good portion of our married life, we've moved a little.  Texas, California, Florida have all been home.  We're planning on a move to Alaska in the future, too.  The last move is our choice, not a military decision.  We homeschool....each kid has a different reason.  I have three kids....a 14 yr old daughter, 13 yr old son, and 5 yr old son.  My 13 yr old is mildly mentally retarded and has developmental delays.  At any rate, the homeschooling thing is working for us.  (Wisdom from Buffy:  'Homeschooling...it's not just for scary religious people anymore.'  err...no offense to any of you scary religious people out there.  I don't write for that show...I just thought the line was funny..)

Anyhoo...the clouds today have been kinda creepy.  The days after a hurricane always leave me feeling a tad creeped out...like the hurricane forgot it was supposed to be going off the coast and decided to stay and psyche us out.  There's thunder (but no lightning yet)...and my daughter says "Hey Mom...I think we're going to get a thunderstorm!"  Err...you think?!  hee hee....perceptive, she is.  I knew I homeschooled her for a reason.  The boys, on the other hand care less if there's a storm.  They pay no mind unless the cable goes out and they can't watch YuGiOh as scheduled. 

I think  I'll go watch the storm come in.  I must have been a tornado chaser in a previous life or something. 


  1. YAY!!  I'm so glad you finally decided to share your wonderful humor to the world!  


  2. Hey Im a scarry religious person so I v been told. !!!!!!!!!!! LOL Just had to go back and see your first entry and what got you started. Just kidding. I m religious in somepeoples eyes though they can tseem to peg me and cant call it a religion in thier eyes LOL NOW Scarry if you ever read my pms files and posts that might be called scarry like in jan this year when I had a raging fit or when I posted about my tantrum with my kids over neatness a few entries ago when I said run girls run!!!!!!! LOL Homeschooling is great isnt it. I hate this is my last year and its over> I want to school every day!!!!!!!!! for my life. It is my life. I would love more kids if God would bless me. They dont have to be perfect either. I have looked at your profile since you asked about my dog yesterday and your about me section. We are sooooooooo alike. It aint even funny. Your husband and mine could probably sympathize alot !!!!!!!! LOL HEY for that matter our kids could too!!!!!!!!!! Lori

  3. Hello there. I just thought I'd pop over to your very first entry ever ever.
    I think maybe in years to come we may become pals.


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