Friday, August 20, 2004

It's late.  I'm tired.  BUT..the kids aren't, so up I stay.  Since Alex is flipping thru radio stations, I feel I must admit.  I like Barry Manilow.  I also like Vanilla Ice.  (Pre punk period know.....If there was a problem, yo, I'll solve it, step off the something while my DJ revolves it.....)  I can't sing.  I know that.  My husband can't either sometimes, although he thinks he can.  For those of you who have seen the commercial for whatever cell phone company it is that Catherine Zeta Jones promotes......where there is a couple in a car and the husband is singing 'Pour some shook up ramen'....yeah, that's my husband.  My husband was the model for this commercial guy.  The man makes up his own damn lyrics.  90% of the time they make no sense.  It always seems to happen in the car, too...where I can't run to and drag him to the monitor yelling 'You see?!?!?!  Geez, sing it right if you're going to sing it that loud, man!'  LOL  Here's another funny one.  we're in the car.....listening to the radio, and my dear husband is jammin'.  He's singing along like his life depended on it.  I look at him and say 'Do you pay attention to what you're singing?'  ::blank look::  huh?  Yeah, let's think're into a song that is saying 'Follow me...everything is alright......etc'  The guy is saying 'Hey chick, I know you're married, but as long as you don't need a committment, we can get it goin'!'  ???????????????  Hmm...  we may be better off singing 'We care alot' from Faith No More.  Hey, those guys CARE and they say so.  Many times. 

Anyhoo......for those interested, tonight's dinner consisted of Ramen noodles.  Every once in a while, I get a craving for them.  The spicy ones, though.  Cajun Chicken flavor.  It was a fend for yourself type thing tonight.  There were chicken nuggets and burritos involved, as well.  <beep beep beep> on the microwave, and it's food.  I'll admit...there were no vegetables involved, but hey.......nobody is going to faint from temporary lack of Vitamin A.  If anyone wants to volunteer to come cook for me....huh?  No, huh?  Ah well......

Some amusement for the evening.  my dearest daughter was online yapping with her friends.  Her online time is precious to her, so she talks to her buddies, and doesn't fiddle here or there.  That said...she gets an IM from some 'person'.  Here's how the IM goes:

Intruding IMer:  Hi!  Do you want to talk on the phone?

Her:  No

Intruding IMer:  What about a cell phone?

Her:  Umm no?

Intruding IMer:  You don't have a phone card?

Her:  Nope

Intruding IMer:  What about a Nextel?

Her:  Uhhhhh...nope, sorry

Intruding IMer:  Are you poor?

Her:  Umm.....the reasoning here is that since I don't talk on the phone that I'm poor?  Wow...wonder how I can afford internet!!

Intruding IMer:  So, do you have a phone?

Her:  Nope, sorry...we're Amish.  We don't believe in phones.

Intruding IMer:  Oh.  I g2g.  bye.

I look at her.  Amish?!  She says 'Hey, at least he left me alone, right?!  Maybe he's scared of the Amish or someting....'  <snort>  Too funny.  Although, if I find a horse and buggy in my yard, I'm going to be a little concerned.  I don't know the first thing about horses.


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