Friday, August 20, 2004

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning....NOT

I'm feeling rather deflated this morning.  I already did the usual morning routine, make coffee, feed critters, blah blah blah......but this morning feels different.  Maybe it's because I didn't get to sleep until late.  Maybe I'm PMSy.  Maybe I need a vacation.  ::sigh::  You know those days where all the minor annoyances in your life become huge and everything in life sucks?  Today is one of those days.

Last nights' dinner was fairly gross.  I hadn't had Chef Boyardee for a long time.  But, since Jesse had done the shopping this time, he bought some.  I figured it would be an easy meal.  Open a big can, put out some bread, and viola!  Dinner.  NOT the case.  Alex...who eats almost anything, took two bites and handed the bowl back to me saying he wasn't hungry.  Ryan ate about half and brought it back.  Adrian...well...I knew better than to give him any.  That boy barfs at everything.  I didn't feel like clean up duty.  Jesse told me not to make anything for him because when he got home from the P/T job, he wanted a fried baloney sandwich.  (He was watching Food Network last week and they showed a restaurant that served thick sliced baloney sandwiches and ever since, he's been on an 'I gotta have a fried baloney sandwich' kick.) Sooo.....nobody wants the Chef.  I tasted it thinking 'how bad can it be....I ate it as a kid and thought it was good!'.  WELL!  My tastes have changed, buddy!  Let's just say we won't be giving the Chef any more business.  So, basically it was a catch as catch can type night. 

Ah well.....I'll cross my fingers that the rest of the day gets better.  ::crosses fingers::    Somebody let me know when a cold front is coming thru FL....THEN I'll be dancing.....

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