Sunday, August 29, 2004

Rambling thoughts

It's Sunday.....and we have had a good weekend.  We celebrated my new teens' birthday, we went and checked out some new vehicles, went to eat some Chinese....nice and relaxing, actually.  It was cool to have Jesse home all day.  Usually he works on Saturdays.

I've been thinking more and more lately about what's important in life.  I rather like the hermit lifestyle.  People are people are people, but I don't really have a great need to be around them.  I'll take a few animals and my family, and I'm set, you know?  I think I've let myself slip into becoming a little materialistic lately.  SOOOOOOO.......I'll be making a more conscious effort to remember what's really important, and to think about my purchases more.  At any rate, I was reading a blog today, from someone whom I admire immensely.  Check the box to the right and click on 'Wendy Usually Wanders'.  That's Wendy Martin, who lives in Calais, Vermont, and is a homesteader.  She and her daughter, Heather, are my inspiration whenever I feel like I just can't get something done...I go read their site and think 'Yep...I can.  Get your hiney up and KNOW you can do it!'  (whatever 'IT' may be)  We were actually thinking about moving to Vermont.  (and hey, they don't mind that hermit lifestyle up there!  that and the fact that the leaves changing color thing has some serious appeal to me.  Come on, I live in Florida.  The only time I see leaves changing color is it they die from heat.)  I letting my brain and my plotting to win over the husband get ahead of my current thoughts!!  Good grief, I may need some drugs to clarify my thoughts instead of letting them run willy nilly cuz then they just run all together....LOL

Anyway, that's my ramble for this morning.......I'm low on coffee so this is a perfect place to end....

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