Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Trading Spouses TV Show

This morning, I got my coffee....made the youngest his standard chicken nuggets for breakfast, and as I sit here I'm thinking back to last night.  Jesse went for groceries on his way home since we're down to one car currently.  I appreciated THAT!  Dragging kids to the store can be fun...or it can be Hell.  Last night it probably would have been Hell, but we're putting away the groceries and making dinner (fried pork chops, wild rice, & broccoli with cheese sauce for those who are interested), we have the TV on.  Trading Spouses is on.  I like this show.  BUT (yeah yeah, there's always somebody with a big but, right?) some of the people they get for the show have GOT to be acting.  NObody could possibly be as rude as the mom on last nights' show!  The mom goes into a new family....and orders them to make her coffee, breakfast, lunch, and clean.  All the while she sits there and reads the paper?!  I can understand that she normally lives in the lap of luxury, and I'm not knocking anyone who has that lifestyle (hey man, I wish I had it too!), but crimeny!  Mind your manners!  Buy some or something!  I like to think I can fit in anywhere, myself...but I'm not going to blabber about my 'positivism' and then go yap at some other woman's daughter about how she needs to watch her weight!  poor kids...  but then again, maybe the $50,000 they get at the end makes up for it all.....  in two weeks, it'll be Trading Spouses - Meet Your New Dad.  Heh...this one seems kinda funny.  New York City type boy goes down on the farm.  Farm Boy goes to NYC.  And I thought Scariest Places on Earth was scary TV.....LOL

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