Sunday, October 31, 2004

Bathing the cats

Sometimes, comedy is unexpected.  Who would think that bathing a cat could be funny? is.  Yesterday, we decided that the cats were walking dust bunnies, so we thought we should bathe them to get rid of some excess fur.  We've learned by now that ChaCha is the strong one, so she goes first.  Interestingly enough, I have found that ugly cats can't meow right.  I don't know why, but they just can't.  Every 'ugly' (in the sense of 'so ugly they're cute', because I love really, the only UGLY cat is a hairless one, and even then, they're not so much ugly as they are scary...but anyway) cat I know cannot meow.  SO.....while dear ChaCha is getting her bath, she is staring at Jesse.  She wants him to look her in the eye while she's being tortured, I guess.  And she's meowing that 'non-meow' that she has.  It sounds like 'WHY?!?!?  WHY?!?!?' but in cat-ese.  She's loud.  Normally, you can't hear her 'meow' at all, but now she is calling all the other animals to help her.  She's trying to bite at him, but honestly, she doesn't know how to bite.  She tried to scratch, but she doesn't really know how to do that either.  We got her as a kitten and nobody ever taught her the street smarts...  <g>  I felt bad, but couldn't stop laughing, nonetheless.  Jesse was wet (his WHOLE shirt), the cat was wet...hell, half the kitchen was wet because as he was spraying shampoo off of her, she tried to make a break for it and water went everywhere.  We were all laughing...  :)  By the time she was done, she was exhausted and almost fell asleep in the towel when Ryan was drying her off.  The OTHER cat, Bella had come in the kitchen out of curiosity, so we were able to pick her up and stick her in the sink, too.  She doesn't fight that much.  She just sits there with great disdain on her face.  She's the priss.  Her look was more like 'How dare you wash me.  I wash myself,thankyouverymuch.  I shall have to reclean myself after YOU mess up my fur, you nasty human.'.  hee hee.... and then...more fun.  After they're both washed, they end up doing the wet ferret looking leg shake all down the hallway, and then go sit in the sun and not move for a few hours.  At one point, I actually had to poke one of them because they didn't move for so long, I thought maybe we had tormented her to death.  :)  I received a dirty look, but she still didn't move.    So, all in all, since laughter burns calories, I think I can eat my share of Halloween candy this evening.  :)

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