Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Shhh.....my head is going to explode...

I.....went to bed with a wicked, wicked headache.  It woke me up at least 3 times last night.  I think I was crying at one point.  Then, Ryan woke us up at 4 AM saying she couldn't sleep, hadn't been to sleep, and was getting a bit frustrated.  Ummmm YEAH!  I can see why.  So, all in all, it was a horrendous night.  I woke up with the very same headache, too.  ::sigh::  Hopefully, some coffee and time will ease it a little.  I am feeling out of sorts anyway today.  PMS?  Maybe...who knows.

Our new computer continues to be a source of fun to Jesse.  :)  "Hey honey...look!  Check this out!  Look how easy this is now!!!  Hey, check this out!  Our scanner actually works now!!!"  hee hee...he's so cute.

I was telling Jesse that I felt unfulfilled.  He said "Well, you can go paint the house and that will give you fulfillment when you finish!!"  Ummmmyeahright.  No, thank you............but your concern was touching.  Dork.  I wonder if one day I'm just going to have this *poof* and suddenly I shall be fulfilled and happy and joyful.......anybody who knows the answer to this, let me know.  It'll save me time in thinking.

Last nights' dinner of pesto noodles and Italian chicken (WITH cheese garlic bread) went over well for everyone except Adrian, who decided that even with ketchup, it was not good, and proceeded to barf.  ::sigh::  I am starting to wonder if I should even bother serving him what we're eating...and instead, just feed him chicken nuggets until he turns 12.  At the very least, it will save me money in Lysol.

We returned all the plywood we had bought when all the hurricanes were pounding us, last night.  That's $300 to add to our savings acct.  We're getting up there.  Jesse says to keep faith that we'll have all of our money needed by March, but I'm still a little doubtful....... :-/  If anyone has a bunch of money they don't need, hey, I'll be glad to take it off your hands.  I want to move out of this freakin' state because, for one....it's so damn hot all the time, I can't take it.  Itshould NOT be 86 degrees in October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1  ick.....

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