Wednesday, November 24, 2004

AURGH! How can you not SEE THAT?!

 Happy Thanksgiving  The day before Thanksgiving. I always have trouble spelling that word?!  I actually have to slow down and spell it out in my head.  Anyway, last night was nice because I went to go help my neighbor clean up some stuff at her house because she is going to be having 30 to 40 people at her house tomorrow.  That's where we're going for the eats....(and then the day after, we'll be making our own Turkey Dinner) because we wanted to spend the day with them.  After all the cleaning, we migrated back over to my house for rum 'n coke and pizza.....and Mulan...LOL  (cuz I told her she needed a break before she went postal)  OK, so she likes cartoons.  She's older and when her kid was younger, they never had the cool cartoons that are out she comes over and watches The Little Mermaid and Mulan with us...  <g> I did plenty of cleaning yesterday, so today is just straightening up here and there.....and I have to make a dessert to bring with me for tomorrow.  I'm making a Golden Layer Cake.  It's the one with the pound cake, sliced in thirds with a mixture of cool whip, pineapple, vanilla pudding, and almond liquor in between each layer.  SUPER YUMMY...and something diffferent from the typical pumpkin pie.  (NOT that there is ANYTHING wrong with pumpkin pie, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE pumpkin pie, but I'm pretty sure there will be about 12 pumpkin pies,

        Dragster  ok...and while I'm here this AM...writing......I can see out of my front window....and some idiot comes down our (clearly marked dead end) street at 80 miles an hour.  Notices the markers at the end of the street, and then has to screech to a stop about an inch away from the markers and back up into my driveway.  Of course, said idiot doesn't really make it into my driveway.  He makes it into my TRASHCAN!  GAWD...what a <bleeping> idiot.  How can you not see that?!  I hear the thump and then heard the trash can bounce back to normal shape and the the moron zoomed right back up the street.  I'm just shaking my head right now....yikes.  I'm going to celebrate the day that the car companies come out with cars that drive themselves, I tell you that!


  1. 30 to 40 people! Who is doing all the cooking? Is everyone bringing a little something? Wow that's some cooking if it's all on one person...but it sounds like it will be a real nice thanksgiving, the more the merrier. I wish you and your family a great thanksgiving...

  2. My neighbor is doing two turkeys and a few sides and then everybody is bringing stuff.  Her brother is bringing a ham..her mom brings a roast pork....friends are bringing sides (even though I'm sure she herself will make plenty.  LOL...she doesn't know how to do a SMALL gathering...) and desserts....everyone will be coming and going type thing... :)  Lucky for me, since I just live down the street, I can eat and then wander back to my own house to take a nap...and not have to drive home  :)

  3. Thanks for your comment on my Journal. We love animals, too. The squirrels play outside my window so I enjoy them while I work at the computer. Is it o.k. with you if we add your journal on our list of Favorite Journals? Best wishes from my daughter and me and our precious cat, Princess~Your Tennessee Friends, Dad, Mary, & Princess


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