Wednesday, November 17, 2004

::Blink Blink::

Here I sit....with spare time to write in my journal.  However, I'm not quite awake.'s another morning of getting up at 6:30.  BUT....since my husband read yesterdays' entry, he was kind enough not to poke me, touch me, talk to me, or look in my direction, thankyouverymuch.  <smirk>  Yesterday, I went back to bed, but today I couldn't.  So, here I sit...staring blankly at my steaming coffee mug.  Yesterday, Alex had horseback riding.  Today he has 'Faith Formation' classes (it's CCD, people...will ya quit changing the name of it?!).  This kid has more of a life than me.  I guess it's ok....the younger one doesn't want to go to any classes of any kind (??) and the older one hasn't deemed any classes worthy of her, so...oh well.  I take that back.  She decided to be a 'Barn Brat' over at the stable where Alex goes riding.  I'm guessing it's just classes on how to take care of the horses and the like, but we'll see.  Something for her to do, at any rate.  I guess it'll mean I'm gonna have to keep getting up I can...y'know...keep the car.  ::blink blink::  ok...I'm thinking too far brain is still fuzzled......::sips::


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