Monday, November 1, 2004

Coffee and Chocolate...hmmm

I have a new coffee mug.  I love this mug.  It's huge.  It holds maybe two and a half regular size cups of coffee.  It's big and heavy and it saves me from getting up to get more coffee.  hee hee....and to add to my joy, I found some Southern Pecan coffee at the store, so there's an extra little happiness for me.

Trick or treating was fun last night.  It was only the boys this year since Ryan decided she was too big to dress up.  ?????????????  whatever.  BUT, she decided that after seeing all the teens trick or treating on base (which is where we went since all of our neighbors are old and go to bed at 8), she may go again next year.  Alex was a very super cool looking vampire and got raves on the makeup job Jesse did.  Doing makeup is such a joy to him.  I keep telling him he needs to volunteer to do childrens theater.  I know he'd love it. baby was....FLASH!  He was pretty fast for the first hour or so, and then Flash kinda slowed down some.  hee hee  Me and Jesse were talking that it used to be that back in the day when WE went T' or T'ing.......we were out til all hours of the night and everybody had candy to give out and it just seemed more fun than it is now.  Our kids were 'done' after two and a half hours......they wanted to go home.  ???????????????????????????? and they didn't get very much chocolate this year, either.  I'm thinking back to my own trick or treating...and I used to get 80% chocolate...and orange from the little old lady up the street.....and sometimes somebody would be giving out money.  Yeah, I lived in a small town......they could afford to give out dollars, I suppose.  My gramma used to make caramel apples and every kid and their mother would be knocking on our door.....Funny how the times have changed.  It makes me kinda sad......

I.....have been thinking about myself lately, and am reworking my goals in life.  I want to be better.  Better mom, better wife, better friend, better person.  Wish me luck.  I'm sure I'll need it.

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