Thursday, November 25, 2004

Comedy for the morning:  AOLs Welcome Screen says "How To Keep Off The Pounds This Holiday!"  ummmmm...too late.  LOL

Happy Turkey Day to everyone.  MY Turkey Day is tomorrow since we are spending today with the neighbors.... (so Jaime, are you coming over or what?! LOL)

Anyway, while I was browsing journals, I came across a 'get to know you' type quiz from Lanny of Inside My HeadHere are my answers.....  Quiz for Thanksgiving

1. When you think of thanksgiving dinners in the past, what person is the first to come to mind.   Is it strange that I don't really remember any past Thanksgivings as a kid?

 2. How old were you when you think back to a past thanksgiving?     just recently, in thinking back to the first few Thanksgivings I was married

3. What is your prefered cut of the turkey?      dark meat dark meat dark meat....

4. Big choice here, if you have your choice of pies, which would you choose for desert on thanksgiving?  Pumpkin.  always.  with a big gloop of Cool Whip!

5. Do you have your house decorated for christmas before thanksgiving or do you wait?  I have the boxes down from upstairs, but for some reason, seeing Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving just infuriates me.  Thanksgiving doesn't get the hoopla it deserves....

6. For your TV viewing, parade or football, which one wins out over the other?  ha!  I never get to watch TV!  Cartoon Network is always on!

7. How soon after dinner are you thinking of that perfect turkey sandwich? I'm agreeing with Lanny there....I'm planning my sandwich during dinner.  <g>

 8. What is your favorite side dish for thanksgiving? Green bean casserole

9. Who in your family do you wish wouldn't show up for thanksgiving dinner? And why?  My 'BIL' Jesse because his religious 'holier-than-thou' BS gets old.

 10. What was your most unforgettable thanksgiving dinner memory?  Just like so many other women....leaving the giblets and neck in the turkey and cooking it.  <g>

Enjoy your day, folks!  Don't stress....and remember...the people who TRY to annoy you are the ones you should turn your hearing aid off for.....  :)


  1. 1.  My husband
    2.  Younger, newly married
    3.  White meat only!
    4.  Pumpking Pie with Cool Whip here too
    5.  Typically wait till the day after Thanksgiving.
    6.  Parade until the games begin
    7.  Turkey sandwich about 8:30
    8.  Homemade mashed potatos
    9.  It's just the four of us this year but my MIL would be one I wouldn't want to show up.
    10. Ahhh yes, leaving the bag in the turkey. lol

  2. I don't like to decorate with my Christmas things during Thanksgiving either...I like to keep the 2 holidays seperate.

  3. Considering the fact that it is 6:56pm and I'm still in my pj's... I'll have to take a raincheck on dinner.  Though..anything has to be better than the corndogs, mac n cheese, and yogurt I ate for dinner.  Yes, it was HAPPY CORNDOG DAY at the Chase's.

  4. commenting to Jaime....umm...omg, you're becoming ME!  LOL  PJs all day.  You shoulda let me know you weren't coming, I would have fex-ex'd a plate!  ::giggle::


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