Sunday, November 7, 2004

Duster Cat

A few days ago, I had purchased a pen.  A pen that had a duster on the end, specifically for the purpose of dusting your computer.  I stuck it in my pecil holder on my desk.  Then it went missing for 2 days.  I was actually questioning myself as to whether I had bought it or not.  Then I found it.  Chewed up and violated by my cat, underneath a bench in my front room.  Every time I pick the pen up and put it away, the cat picks it up and attacks it. I think 'hmm...I still need to dust the printer and computer.  Maybe she won't go so nuts if I get out the big feather duster.'  No such luck.  She saw that big one, and dropped the small one....  and all of the sudden, she was up up on my desk, trying her best to get her claws on the big duster.  ::sigh::  Crazy cat.  I even put the big duster away in the closet.  She found it and pulled it out.  No place is safe from.......Duster Kitty! 

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