Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Feelin' squirrely

Earlier today, I had read Dad's Tomato Garden Journal and he had a CUTE squirrel picture.  I LOVE squirrels.  (ok...ok....enough with the 'ohhh..that's why she's so squirrely herself' jokes!  I can hear you, ya know!!  <g>)  So.....later on this afternoon, I was sitting in the living room watching TV and I see something out of the corner of my eye.  We have a full glass door.  My squirrel buddy was up on his hind legs peering in....apparantly looking for me...because as soon as he saw me, he scampered off...came back and peered in again...etc.  I'm thinking to myself 'What is this?  Lassie...only squirrel-style?!'  LOL  So, I got up to go get some bread and peanuts for him.  (Raw peanuts only, folks!  Squirrels don't need all the extra sodium from salted nuts!!)  I came out and put them down on the porch next to the little water dish I have set out for them.  (Lots of people feed the squirrels, but most people forget to give 'em some water, too!)  Up he came....snagged a peanut and a crumb of bread....squeaked at me...and back up the tree he went. 

We used to have a baby squirrel that had fallen out of one of our trees.....and we fed him every two hours out of a medicine dropper.  Tiny tiny baby squirrel...and SO cute....

....and a few years ago, we lived in this apartment and I had a 'pet' squirrel who used to come up and sit on our grill and look inside the kitchen window .....until I noticed him...and as soon as he'd see me, he'd get all chattery (tail flailing all over), and then he'd watch me open the cabinet and pull out a cracker.  By then the poor squirrel (whom we named Chico) was beside himself.  I'd open the door...lean out...offer him the cracker, and he'd sit up, take it out of my hand, and then go run over to the stairs and eat.  TOO CUTE!  

  so um...can you tell I love squirrels?


  1. Squirrels are amusing to watch.  Pretty neat one lets you feed him and waits at the door beggin style! lol

  2. If that squirel was from anywhere near Rte 58 in Monponsett, MA, I may have some bad news for you. You'd figure they'd all be up in the tree  by now.

  3. At our old house the squirrels would actually jump on our laps!  And don't leave the door open cos they wouldn't wait on the porch... they'd come looking for us!  There were probably about 10 different ones that visited up, but the kids couldn't tell them apart so they just called them all 'Shorty'.  Naturally 'Shorty' migrated with us when we moved, but he's not a brave now.  I guess he doesn't like the new house cos he only goes as far as the porch...
    Have a great Thanksgiving.


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