Sunday, November 21, 2004

Feeling helpless sucks

I was thinking ...if I should share somethingthat happened, but then I thought why happens.  My mother in law...was in a car accident.  Just other drivers...but still.  We weren't home when my brother in law called and left a message telling us not to freak out but that MIL had been in a car accident.  Well....of course we freaked out.  Funny how somebody always says 'Don't freak out, but.....'  Hello.  You know you're going to freak out after somebody says that. ok other than bumps and bruises.  The store she ran into, though?  Umm..not so lucky.  If you watch the news in San Antonio and you happen to see that story, well, I'm related.  :)  It makes us really wish we were there, though.  I know...what were we going to do.  That's not the point.  It's better to be there and feel helpless as opposed to being 3 states away and feel helpless.  At least I could have...I don't know...made her soup or something?  I am so relieved that it was not more serious than it was...and strangely enough...the car was still in pretty good shape.  ::sigh::  My brain is in such I can only imagine the rest of the family.  Send happy thoughts our way today.....


  1. Oh my goodness, she ran into a store?  Thankfully she's OK.  Definitely sending happy thoughts your way.  

  2. A store?!!  Oh my, I'm so glad she's okay....~JerseyGirl


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