Saturday, November 6, 2004

Focus, focus, focus :)

There are a few things on my mind today, so rather than bounce around from subject to subject, I thought I would just make bullet statements.  

*  My son must think I'm deaf because whenever he talks to me, he raises his voice so loud, you would think I was wearing a neon hearing aid.

*  It is next to impossible to find cute FREE graphics.  If *I* had graphics, I'd just let people use them.  No link back, no money, no nothing.  Just 'here...take the graphic'.  I have found 2 links worthy of checking out in a matter of 4 hours and 48 search pages.  I may need to go get my glasses soon.  ugh...

*  I'm as hungry as a bear in spring.  I've no idea why, because I ate today.  Maybe my metabolism is speeding up?!  ha ha ha ha ha ha yeah right.  I can wish, though.

*  It's colder outside than it is in my house, but I still have the A/C on.  According to my husband, if I turn off the A/C, then he will have to reset it.  umm...what?  

 No idea what's for dinner tonight, and it's getting close to dinner time.  Last night was a free for all, though.  There were cheese sticks, ramen noodles, grilled ham and cheese, and other miscellaneous things going on in the kitchen last night.  Additionally, an entire bag of Oreos disappeared.  Not sure who to blame for that one, but nobody will admit it anyway.  Ah well....  I do know that I'm looking forward to a mug of coffee and snuggling into bed tonight though.  I cleaned alot today, so I deserve it.  The low will be in the 50s, I think.  I'm so excited.  :)

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