Friday, November 26, 2004

Happy Turkey Day....again

Yep, Turkey Day again.  It's 8:30, and Jesse went to Home Depot cuz the manager told him what was going on sale, and since Jesse wanted some cool drill that does all sorts of cool things (not a Dremel but I forget what kind), he got up early and took off.  Of course, I woke up, because whenever he gets out of bed, I suddenly get deprived of body warmth, so I wake up.

Today is MY Turkey Day since yesterday we spent with the neighbors.  It was really nice...lots of food...and I felt useful.  :)  Umm....  yeah, useful.  ::giggle::  My poor neighbor was about to have an aneurysm, so I just went over a littleearly and did what I could to help.  (Ryan was very happy that they all were so impressed with her cooking skills.)  She ended up with Green Bean Casserole duty after nobody over there knew how to make it.  Ryan: "Nu don't know how to make it?!  I'll make mom cooks this all the time!" and she got deviled egg duty, too.  Later, she said 'Maybe they don't cook very much in that family?  Thanks for letting me cook, Mom...even when my results are less than spectacular....'  Awwwwwww  :) Golden Layer Cake went over exceedingly well.  I"m not sure, but I think it could have been the amaretto that was in it.  LOL  Somebody else was apparantly getting all the credit for it - everybody was all 'ohhhh this is so good!  I can't believe you made this!' to some other girl as I walked past, and I stopped and said 'Umm...I made that...'  ROFL   At any rate, everybody was laughing about the fact that they were giving somebody else credit for my wonderful super yummy to die for......hmm?  ok...ok...but it WAS good.  LOL back to the Turkey Day, part 2.  I'm not going to stress, because ...well..why?  It's just food.  I'm making turkey of course.  I bought a pre-smoked one.  We had it last yearwhen we didn't have a working oven.  It's fully cooked all you really do it warm it, but I figure 'Hey...if it's GOOD and I don't have to prep the beast, I'm all for it!'  and then add the typical bean casserole.....our stuffing (Jesse uses Stove Top, but he put in hamburger, potato, carrots, pepper, etc...I know, sounds gross...tastes amazing)....mashed potatoes with onion and sour cream.....yams ......rolls...gravy.....blah blah blah....and of course appetizers.  I usually make the Little Smokies in BBQ sauce, and some bacon wrapped mushrooms with a brown sugar/mustard glaze, and some crab wontons...and, we're all a smidge bloated by the time night rolls around.'s worth it.  I'll be in the kitchen...all day...with some of my most favorite people in the world.....

9:15 addendum:  There I was...all sappy and happy....thinking life could not get any better.....and then I hear this choking hacking sound.  I get see my sweet kitty...hurling all over my floor.  Lucky for me it was not on the carpet.  (Hey, another thing to be thankful for!)  Poor thing looked at me and meowed and went on with her life while I went hunting for the paper towels and the wood floor cleaner....LOL  Shall I?  Really...shall I?  I think I shall. "Oh, what a wonderful morning...oh what a wonderful day......."  ::giggle::  Somebody stop me now.  I can't carry a tune to save my life....

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  1. We are glad we found your journal. We enjoy looking at it every morning. Hope that you all have a happy day'
          Dad, Mary and Princess.


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