Sunday, November 7, 2004

Jesse comes home today from Reserves.  $350 for a weekend is not too shabby, although this time they had to do the fitness test.  They have some new criteria, so we'll see if my old man passed.  <g>  They have to run a mile and a half in 15 minutes, so we'll see.  I know if they asked ME to do that, I'd be looking at them saying 'No, want me to do what now?'  We've been very lucky in the military that we haven't been separated for a long period of time.  He has about 6 more years til he retires, I think, so I hope the good luck continues.  Who knows, maybe we're just been at the right base at the right time.  or maybe he just has the right job.  Being separated for 2 weeks when he does his '2 weeks' stint somewhere is enough.  Last year he went to Ft.  Jefferson.    Fort Jefferson National Park - Dry Tortugas. A little paradise.. peace, harmony, history, nature... Our Free Reservation Serv..   The year before that was Spangdahlem in Germany. Getting Around in Europe - A Guide to Installations and Services  This year?  This year may not be much of a cake job.  They'll be building a school and community center somewhere in Central America.  I'll be would not be high on my list to visit Central America.  Maybe I watched too much Miami Vice, but umm...yeah, you all know where I'm going.  Call me paranoid, but....hmmm  ::in her best Marge Simpson voice:: He always brings me back nice stuff from where he goes, but I'm thinking there may not be much shopping in a teeny village in Central America, y'know?  <g>  Ah well, I'm always telling him we should adopt a child from Central America (although I don't think it'd be a wise decision to bring a kid back in his suitcase.  I'm just going on intuition here.....).  

In other news....and this is a big one......we had tacos for dinner last night.  EVERYONEate tacos.  There weren't any chicken nuggets, there weren't any peanut butter sandwiches.....I cooked tacos, and everyone ate them.  It was a proud evening for me.  We also dove into the Halloween candy last night.  We're almost out.  We have maybe 2 or 3 days worth of good candy left, and then the last stuff will be thrown out, since if it was there that long, chances are nobody likes that kind of candy.  

Today seems to be shaping up as a nice day.  Decent temps, so far, so maybe I'll do a little straightening up on the back porch.  The squirrels have been coming up to my door and peering in lately because I haven't fixed their feeder, so maybe I'll take a look at that.  They've actually just been going over to the bird feeder and hanging by their hind legs upside down eating birdseed.  I think I can take a hint.

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