Monday, November 22, 2004

Messy houses

My gramma used to say 'Did you come to see me or my messy house?  If you came to see me, come on in.  If you came to see my messy house, then call and make an appoinmtment.  that being said..........I watch Starting Over.  Starting Over - a Daytime Reality TV Series  I discovered it a few months ago when my old computer stopped working and all I had to entertain myself was the TV.  :)  Today......they got a new room mate.  Denise.  I like her.  I like her sarcasm.  Granted, the joke about finding her dogs' birth parents didn't go over so well, but still......unless the person she was talking to was offended...then WTH.  I hate people who need something to whine about.  To be honest, maybe I liked her because she is so much like me.  My house is a mess.  I'm sarcastic.  But...I don't think I'll be signing up for the show.  I like my messy sarcastic ass just fine....hee hee.  I'm pretty sure other people don't mind either...cuz...youk now...I do have  I dunno....if I went to somebody's messy house...I'm pretty sure I'd just say ' need some help?!  Ummmwait...after we finish with your house, we're doing mine, right?!'  (hey...come on....gotta get SOMETHIN' out of it, right?!  ::giggle::)  It's much more fun cleaning other peoples' houses anyway. I have a lower standard?  Maybe cleaning my house is lower on my priority list?  Play with my kids...or clean my house...HMM.  Welp...guess I bought paper plates last week...we got clean underwear...and I can call Jesse to pick up some food on his way home, so screw it.....I'm playin' with my kids.  or the dog.  or on the computer.  or.......ah get the idea.  I guess it's all about what's important to you, huh?  At any rate......Denise is my new favorite woman....

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  1. I divide the housework up between the kids and I because I feel it shouldn't all be on one person anyway...I haven't seen that show, it sounds interesting though


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