Saturday, November 13, 2004

no sleep and hot dogs

Because every woman likes to get flowers (except those who are allergic), I got myself some.  :)

I was feeling a bit in a funk last night...kind of emotional/PMSy.  I asked if we could go and have ice cream for dinner - just me & Jesse, and he said yes, but then other stuff got in the way, and I didn't want anything else to eat.  He kept trying to get me to just go, but by 2 hours later, I was in no mood to go, so I just didn't eat anything.  I went to go lay down and watch 4 Weddings and a Funeral and feel sorry for myself.  A girls' got to have a pity party once in a while.  He did offer to massage me to sleep, so I said ok, but then the TV was on loud and the kids were in their rooms horsing around, so I fell asleep for about 15 minutes and then was awake.  :-/  and stomach started reminding me I hadn't eaten, so there I 1 AM.....eating a hot dog.  A hot dog.  I don't eat hot dogs, generally.  I only eat Oscar Mayer ones for some weird reason,  but since we had some, and it was quick and easy...that was dinner.  I hope tonight's' dinner will be a little more tasty.   

It's starting out as a rainy morning, so it'll be nice if it continues.  I haven't even bothered to go outside except to take out the garbage lately.  I'm just WIPED OUT by the fact that it's in the 80s all the freakin' time.  You know you're pathetic when you stay up late so you can go outside and witness for yourself that the temperature does, indeed, drop to the low 70s at night.  

In other news, I think I am going to order some books for the kids today.  Ryan wants a book on business, and I'm going to get the How To Teach Your Child To Read book for Adrian.  Alex?  Well...let's just say that Alex is NOT the book type.  He does like being read to, though, so maybe I can find something that'll interest him, and I won't mind reading out loud......

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  1. How sweet to buy yourself flowers.  A woman needs those things every now and then and if the man doesn't get them, we need to do it for ourselves.  I've had the pity party days as I think most women do.  You aren't alone~  Have enjoyed reading and will be back.


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