Friday, November 5, 2004

Ode to my 'family'

I feel compelled to write about.....a few special people in my life.  First of all, my husband.  I am SO GLAD to be married to someone like him.  He is almost always right.  He always thinks ahead.  He is thoughtful about what he says and how it might affect another person.  He tries to be supportive as much as he can.  (ok...he's a guy, he's allowed to blank out and say 'huh?' when I'm talking to him every once in a while.)  Whenever I am not sure about a situation, I know I can ask him what he thinks and he will always give me an objective answer.  He deserves so much more in life, because in my eyes, he is one of the most wonderful human beings on the face of the earth.  Additionally, I'd like to give a howdy to my friends.  I don't have alot of friends.  I have a select few.  For me, a few good friends are worth their weight in gold.  Jaime, I wanna say thank you for being a cheerleader, a buddy, a mom, a shoulder......YKWIM.  Keep the faith that I'm going to end up living next door to you.  Oh're not into livestock.  ::giggle::  I want you to know how much I value your friendship.  and Ms. Jen...who has been a rock for me in so many ways.  I never thought I would meet anyone with the same whacked out sense of humor as me.... <g>  Know that I will always be there for you.  It's interesting to have friends that are more family to me than blood family or family by marriage.  I want you guys to know that to ARE my family.  (Hey, I always wanted sisters...growing up as an only child.  BTW,, you cannot have your jeans back.  pphhbbtt!  LOL) I value that we can talk about things and never hurt the others' feelings.....because you know I love you guys.  ("OK, but you still can't have my beer.")  So...THAT is how my entry ends.

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  1. ::wiping tears::  You rock.  



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