Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Physical maladies

Well, of course, he went to work today.   I am really feeling bad for him.  Although I didn't hear him yelping this morning, I'm SURE he will be feeling some pain tonight.  A friend joked with me that it must be good to have 'Hot hands' (in reference to the Deep Heating stuff I had to rub on his shoulder the other day) and I have to admit....I am afraid to touch him anymore.  Something is either going to fall off or get bent out of shape, for goodness sake!  hee hee.....I'm going to hate to see him when he reaches 40! 

          Picture from Hometown       I forgot to include my fortune for the other nights' Chinese food.  I liked them.  Of course, I wish they had a 1-800 line so you could call them and say 'What does this mean, exactly?' but oh well....I'll just take it for what it is.  The first fortune (because they gave us extra cookies) said 'Relax...and enjoy yourself".  Cool.  I can dig it.  The other one said 'You make people realize that there exist other beauties in the world'.  Ummm.....ok, somebody help me with that one.  Is it trying to say I'm a good friend?  I try to help others see good things in life?  What?!  yikes..you'd think those fortune writer people would know that most of us are just going to read a fortune and go 'umm...ok?'  Make it easy for us!  Come ON!    

 In other news....my dog has tummy grumblies.  Not sure what's wrong, but I feel for him.  It's really loud!  He doesn't want to eat though.  He's not even eating his rawhide, which is his favorite thing in life.  The weird thing is, he doesn't seem affected in any other way.....just not interested in the food.  Hmm...we'll see as the day goes on..... and speaking of my baby.....in a strange question for the day....does anybody else hold up the phone so their dog can 'talk to dad' who's at work and can't come home?  I admit it, we do that.  Hey, he's our baby..... <g>  (I only know of one person who might admit to doing this....lol...)

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  1. Oh I love hearing about your dog...us dog owners do some strange things, don't we!!


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