Monday, November 22, 2004

Poor doggy....

We stopped by my neighbors house for a bit last night, and she says to me "Hey remember when I was telling you that Annie (her shih tzu) had those allergies and itchy skin?!  You gave me that catalog?"  Drs. Foster & Smith - Pet Supplies & Pet Products Selected by Veterinarians  I said "yeah!  Did you get that stuff?!  How did it work?!"  She says "Well...I got the bottle in the mail...and I went to give her a bath with it....but I was like 'oh man this stuff stinks!!!  It smells like FISH!  but oh well...if it works, it'll be worth it....' "  and about then, her husband comes in and looks at her...looks at the dog...looks at the bottle and says 'Umm...did you READ the instructions?'  She says 'No..I couldn't find my glasses....why?'  He says "Because it's VITAMINS!  She's supposed to EAT IT...not be BATHED in it!!'  LOL wonder the smell was not pleasant.  So...poor Annie got another bath.  No word yet on if it actually worked though..  ::giggle::  It's times like this that I don't feel like such a nut, myself....  :)


  1. That's too funny!

  2. lol.  Too funny...a fav saying....When all else fails, read the directions.  ~Sie


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