Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Random stuff

Random thoughts from my brain.....   *I have to put out a super huge THANK YOU to Ryan, my beloved wonderful daughter...who went nuts yesterday and cleaned the house.  I don't mean she cleaned the house, I mean she cleaned the house.  Well...mainly the kitchen/dining/laundry area - which is where 80% of the mess is....   I was a lady of leisure for the day!   heh heh....hmm..I wonder what she wants....  

*Have you ever called someone from your cell phone, left a message, hit the 'off' button......and then realized three hours later that you never really hit the 'off' button hard enough, so the person whom you left the message for has a really really long message?  ::giggle::  Although it was nice to hear my father in law practicing the guitar, I don't think my mother in law has any minutes left for this month.

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