Friday, November 12, 2004


Yesterday was a pretty quiet day.  Jesse had to work because he had taken off Monday instead of Thursday since a contractor needed to come in on Thursday and somebody had to be there.  On his way home, he did a little Christmas shopping for Alex. guessed it.  TV Paintball.  The sale was at KMart, but when we went there, the cashier told him they had only had 10 of them and they were sold out in the first 30 minutes.  Oh, and they couldn't offer rain checks.  umm.  ok.  Not sure what the logic is by advertising for 10 of them, but whatever.  He just headed across the street to ToysRUs and price matched it there.  

Speaking of Alex.  His new Native American name will be BoyWhoIsNeverFull.  Nevermind that I don't think we have any Native American in either of our families.  hee hee  He ate dinner last night to the point that I thought Alex had disappeared and a 400 lb man took his place.  We grilled.....since I had some of this and a little of that.  A steak, some chicken, some shrimp, and some turkey legs.  What a combo, but everybody picked what they wanted so it was ok.  I added some spaetzle (with cheese) and corn on the cob to round it out.  The freezer is looking a little empty tonight, so I may have to have Jesse stop at the store and see what looks good for tonights' dinner.  

I haven't seen too much of Ryan in the past few days.  She's in hog heaven with some new penpals.  This kid loves to write.  She used to write to family members, but nobody writes her back, so I suggested she get some penpals from other countries.  I had (and still have) and penpal from England (Hi, Adele!!) when I was in 6th grade.  You know....way back when.  We still write.  We went from dorky kids with A Flock Of Seagulls haircuts to moms.  Who knew we would stay in contact for so Ryan is inspired by that.  She has always said she wants to travel when she gets a little older, so meeting new friends will help her with travel pointers.  That and (my favorite travel site) Rick Steves Europe Tours, Rail Passes, Travel Books, Luggage and Accessories

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