Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Self doubt

Something I've been thinking about.  I know I'm overweight.  I love cooking for my family....cooking the things they love.  Down home real people cooking.  So  I sit here thinking 'Should I just stop cooking?  Is it salad and poached chicken?'  (I'm even thinking about whether I should even post this entry or not, because I don't need a rude comment.)  I mean, I'm not obese, but my pants are fitting a little snug, and I did a double take when I walked past the mirror this AM in my scivvies.  Do I just let it go til the holidays are over?  Does this mean I won't be doing what I love...baking and cooking?  I am walking (at night, cuz it's so nice and cool at night), but ....::sigh::  Self doubt is your own worst enemy, I suppose.  Jesse said he needed to lose some poundage, too.....but dieting just SUCKS.  I mean, crimeny...I don't eat that much anyway!  I make conscious choices about what I eat.  Is it just the middle aged weight gain I've been hearing about?!  AURGH....


  1. Try weight watchers, it always worked for me.  In fact, it's the only thing that ever worked :o)

  2. Is this where I begin to brag about my continued weight loss?Size 8 and counting down....

    *giggle* Umm.. I know it is a dirty word, but have you thought about *gasp* exercise? Seriously... the pilates have really paid off for me.  

  3. (responding to fille de canard)
    "Exercise?!  WHY would you blasphemize?!  You ain't right, woman!"  heeee hee hee....but I am so excited for your size 8, you lucky dog....

  4. Middle aged weight gain? You think we could just use that one?  Though if we're middle aged, the life expectancy has decreased dramatically! lol


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