Thursday, November 4, 2004

Between having PMS, having my period, and having is a wonder that I get sex any more.  Did I mention that MY bedroom is straight across the hallway from the kids bedroom?  Yep.  oh, and they don't actually go to sleep til....hmm...say....1 or 2 AM.  So, basically that means that IF I'm not in a hostile mood (PMS), or bleeding (yeah, my period), there is a 70/30 chance we may get to bump nasties.....since the youngest comes in to say he loves me and he hopes the bedbugs don't bite.  (Note:  We don't really have bedbugs in our house.  Fleas on occasion, yes.  Bedbugs, no.)  Then there's the middle one coming in to say his foot hurts.  (Of course, it's always a different body part each night.)  AND THEN.....the oldest asking if she can take Tylenol or if she can scratch her ass.  (well, not really, because she scratches on her own, but you get my point)  SO ANYWAY, applaud for me, folks.  I got some.  (with only 2 interruptions, because the oldest knew I had had a migraine earlier so she didn't come in and talk to me....maybe she thought I deserved sleep?)  Afterwards, Jesse says to me "Wow....I forgot how good that actually was.  So...should I pencil you in for 2 weeks from Saturday?"  ha...ha...ha....what....a......joker.  (and speaking of the above interruptions......does anybody else drop and pretend they've been asleep when a kid walks in the room?  I can do this because there is NO noise coming from my room to indicate otherwise - except for the dog who is very worried about what's going on up on the bed, but anyway.......because I have learned in my 15 years of marriage that if you make ANY noise, under any circumstance...somebody will come and see what's going on.    


My husband flat out refused to eat fish early in our marriage.  Tonight, we will probably be having  :)  I still have the pork chops out, but one of his friends went fishing the other day and told him to stop by and pick up some filets.  Yay!  *I* love fish.....but Jesse never liked it until we moved to FL.  To him, fish was gross, it smelled funny, and there was no way he was going to eat it.  (um....add to that, the fact that his mom would usually make fish in the oven, stink up the house, and it wasn't exactly...uhh...seasoned very well)  SO....when some of his work buddies had a 'fish lunch', he didn't have much choice but to be polite.  Turned out he came home raving that fish was SO GOOD.  Like I didn't know that?  The reasoning?  Fish in Florida is fresh.  Especially when you go out and catch it yourself.  Fish in Texas is generally not fresh, because umm...unless you live in Corpus, there isn't an ocean close.  What was the whole point in this part of my entry?  Fresh fish is good, and we're having it for dinner.  

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