Monday, November 29, 2004

The Short Version

Well, since I only have a small amount of time, I'll give y'all the short version.  Jesse ended up NOT going into work today.  His back..shoulder...whatever is all messed up...and is still hurting him.  It is alot better by tonight, but most of the day, he was still having trouble moving around.  He said he doesn't have extra days off, so he will end up going in to work tomorrow and just trying to take it easy.  ::sigh::  I wish he would just stay home and lay down, but  What are you going to do with them.

We didn't end up eating the Mexican food I was anticipating last night.  Some SAD INJURED MAN wanted Chinese (hee hee) so Chinese it was.  I had Chicken Broccoli and asked them to make it spicy.  The joys of delivery service.... so at any rate, I finally had a bowl of beans tonight.  Frijoles a la charra.  Cowboy beans is the translation.  Good stuff, although, there may be some ::ahem:: stomach upset later on... 

We did a little grocery shopping today also (ok...Ryan & I shopped, and Jesse took the boys to the park and sat there watching them play, which was alot better than walking around for 2 hours with a messed up back)....and a quick stop at Sams for a digital camera that we decided was our early anniversary present to each other.  Our anniversary isn't til December 23rd, but we wanted the camera now...hee hee.  Don't be surprised if my journal starts to have weird pictures of everything in my house.  ::giggle::  "Here's my's my other's the antisocial fish.......oh, and here's a picture of our TREE!"  LOL

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