Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Stay on subject?! HA!

I don't know why I love going out to eat so much.  The pork chops I had taken out did not find their way on to my dinner plate last night.  Instead, we had Chinese take out.  It was SO GOOD!  I had chicken & broccoli, but I asked them to make it spicy.  SUPER YUMMY.  So were the pan fried dumplings...  I think I could eat Chinese food every day of the year.  err...if it was free, of course, because I don't think I have that much money.  SO.....tonight will probably consist of leftovers.  There's some meatloaf, some sausage, some Chinese, some potatoes, some of this and it'd probably be a good idea to have a smorgasboard so I can make some room in the fridge.  Besides, Alex has church classes tonight, so something easy is the way to go.

The elections are over.  *I* am glad.  It was getting really tiring to get all the phone calls, propaganda in the mail, TV ads, etc.  I'm glad Bush won, because I am a Bush supporter.  (If you're not, well, save it for someone who might actually debate with you...)  At the very least, be glad that you as a taxpayer, don't have to pay for the moving van for the White House.  They can just stay there.

I've been doing more research lately on the animals I'll be planning on having on my farm, and researching self sufficient living.  So far, Mother Earth News and BackHome magazine have caught my eye.....although I'm not going as far as the composting toilet:  composttoilet  and at any rate, it gives me something to do whilst the kids are doing their thing(s).  Nubian goats are TOO CUTE!  (Hmm, but that 'screaming' thing they do may not be a thrill to my neighbors.)

My SIL told me she thinks I should write a book, because I'm comical and it would make people laugh.  How hard is it to write a book, d'ya think?  Is a publisher gonna show up in my email some day begging me to send him a manuscript?  Doubtful, but maybe I should write a book, anyway, if only for my kids to read when I'm dead.  Yeah, who knew Grandma was such a joker?!  hee hee hee.....something to think about....

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