Tuesday, November 2, 2004

::TAP TAP TAP:: is this thing on?

Notes for the day...

I've been wondering if anyone reads my journal.  Hmm......  should I go find my ::ahem:: good pictures and include them?  That may get a response, huh?  (Hey now!!!!!!  They're JUST Glamour Shots!!!!  Come on, people....I'm not THAT WAY!  <snort>  ::giggle::

I've discovered something about myself.  I like polka.  heh heh...who knew.  I was messing around with the RadioAOL thing and clicked on Oktoberfest.  ROFL...somehow I feel like a dork for liking it, but it does seem to get my toes tapping and makes me smile.  omg..........I can't like polka!  I like rap and hip hop!!!  DMX and XZibit are high on my list of good music!!  and yet.....::giggle::  although, polka sounds alot like cumbias, which are played alot in my family, so...hmm....either way, that won't be something I tell people when I first meet them.  "Hi!  My name is Amy, and I like polka music!!"  ROFL

Secondly, too much popcorn will make you sick.

Last nights' dinner consisted of meatloaf, fried potatoes 'n bacon, and corn.  Ryan wanted rolls but I was out and not going to make any in a 10 minute time frame.  Besides, I think there was enough carb loading going on.  It was good, but of course, Adrian was having none of it.  Chicken for him.  With ketchup.  It's a good thing he eats his vitamins.....  Tonight is going to be...pork chops, although I don't know what else will round out the meal.  Broccoli, maybe?

I've been feeling better the past few days.  I think it may be connected to the weather.  The past 2 days have been cloudy.  The relief I feel about that is surprising.  I can't take the sun, for the love of pete!!!!  And....yesterday, me and Ryan got to have one of our good talks.  I am so glad she is my daughter.  I feel such pride in her.  She really is a beautiful person......inside and out.

Anyhoo...forgive my ramblings and bounching around from subject to subject.  I blame it on the popcorn.  Because.....did I mention?......too much popcorn can make you sick.

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