Monday, November 22, 2004

Updates :) here's an update on the Mother In Law crash.  It was....a jewelry store.  :)  I told Jesse "geez...she couldn't have given more subtle hints that she wanted jewelry for Christmas?!"  heh heh.....turns out....she went to pull into a parking space in front of a jewelry store and went to use the emergency break (because on some models of car, the emergency brake is located next to the gas - which is stupid but oh well), and slammed down the accelerator instead of the brake.  She went over the cement parking guide thingie, 2 cement posts (about 2 feet high), the security bars in front of the store, the glass shattered, of course...and...she ended up ripping off half the awning.  Now...if you're reading with your mouth hanging open, not to worry....I would imagine that was the reaction of everyone else around that place.  There were customers in the store, but nobody was hurt.  MILs air bags didn't deploy, and she only got a little bit of a bruise on her stomach where she bumped hard against the steering wheel.  Now....I'm very minimally religious.  (did I say very?  yeah...very) wanna talk about the hand of God.....::shivers::  She was shaken up, but by the time she got home, everybody else was there with brisket, beans, and the like.  Yeah, that's a Mexican a problem?  whip out the food!  LOL...which may be why I love the family so much....<g>  Soooo...all in all....everything is ok, except that the tires onthe car needed replacing.  The grill was fine, the hood was fine....the only thing a little messed up was the axle, and FIL is getting that fixed.  Un-frickin-believable, I tell you.  

In news more related to myself....yesterday, we got down to business in painting the upstairs bedroom.  Well...we prepped it, and believe me when I say that room is a mess.  Spiders like it up there for one.....but the lady who lived here before us.....errrr...was NOT a carpenter.  She THOUGHT she was, but she was not.  So, we have to rewire some outlets, fill in some cracks in the beadboard (not your best choice in wall material for a bedroom, IMO but ok...), and then prime it.  I want to get rid of a mattress and couch while I'm in the home improvement mode, too, but we'll see if we can find somebody with a truck since our garbage collectors don't take big things.  I'll tell ya legs are not used to going up and down those stairs about 25 different times.  Then add to that, we went out to dinner at the Egg Platter (ham steak and eggs with homefries for me!) and then Ryan wanted to go shopping because she 'needed' some clothes.  That was a 2 hour long barrel of monkeys.....although both Ryan and I came away with a couple outfits, so that was cool.  Alex got some shoes, because his feet are getting HUGE.  Adrian asked for some YuGiOh cards, so of course I said yes.  I can't resist his puppy dog eyes anyway.  Then it was a LONGGGG (ok...15 seemed long though!) drive home and we all pretty much hit the hay.  

ALTHOUGH......I had to get online to check some mail and saw the video of the President and his Secret Service guy.  ROFLMAO  That....was hilarious.  Grab him by the lapel and yank him  Who's protecting who here, right?  heh;though it was impressive that the Prez is like 'HEY NOW!  Quit poking my man here!'  ^5, President Bush....::giggle::

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