Monday, November 15, 2004

Who has my tranquilizers?!

Sunday....Was a really nice day.  Jesse had Home Depot til 1, and then he came home and we went grocery shopping at the commissary (and picked up some stuff at Sam's as well).  I don't know what we would do without the commissary.  Become vegetarian or something, I guess.  The price of meat at regular grocery stores always freaks me out.  At any rate, it was nice for just the two of us to do some shopping instead of herding kids and saying 'No, you can't buy the super size bag of Oreos, we already have two bags at home!' 5 different times.  We got home somewhere around 5:30 or 6, and put away everything.  I was happy that we had only spent $190 (for two weeks!).  I'm more conscious of how much I spend now that we have a set amount we want to save for our move.   After the grocery adventure, Jesse asked me to go out to dinner, and Ryan said she didn't mind watching the boys, so I said ok.  We went to dish.  It's a fun place to walk around and pick your (raw) meat - as much as you want....pork, turkey, chicken, sausage, tilapia, shark, tuna, lamb, crawfish, etc.....and then walk around and pick your veggies - anything from broccoli to bean sprouts - and then go pick your sauce.  I like the teriyaki, so I got that the first time.  Then you walk over to the HUGE grill in the middle of the restaurant and they cook it for you.  Kind of a mix between Benihana and Cocktail.  The only bad thing was that I started getting a migraine in the middle of the fun.  ick.  I hate getting them because my vision goes out and it freaks me out and then my heart starts to pound (because I'm there going blind and freaking out) then I get all flushed.  BUT...luckily, it didn't go full blown...just the vision thing...and then that went away.  Of course, I got the residual soreness associated with them later, but that was tolerable.  After three plates of food (yes, the cook was looking at me like 'dang're a small woman....where the heck are you putting three plates of food?!'  I may be a short lil thing, but I can pack it away, man!  <g>  Umm..that, and I hadn't eaten anything but a hot dog all day, so there!  LOL)  we went down for ice cream at the marble slab ice cream place.  Double chocolate with Heath chunks for me, thanks!  It was super yummy.  

We walked to the car and were driving home.....we had turned on our street when we saw some (strange) people walking around with flashlights, and as we passed them, one of the guys yelled for us to stop, so Jesse did.  We found out they were visiting one of our neighbors and had lost their dog.  A rat terrier.  ::sigh::  Yeah, THERE'S an easy dog to find.  not.  We said we'd look for the dog down on our end of the street, though.  They sad thing is that we are close to a busy street, and then right next to that is a big aparartment complex.  I was thinking they had probably seen the last of their dog, but still hopeful.  I know when I lost my dog, I was ready to call out the National Guard.  ANYWAY.....we kept on going down the street to our house, and went inside, and Ryan came down the hallway...saw us, and started crying.  We were thinking the worst.  Turns out, the guy who was looking for his dog had come down and banged on our door.  Ryan didn't open the door, cuz duh...she was alone and was not going to open the door for some strange guy 'looking for a dog'.  Apparantly, he got all frustrated with her because she wouldn't open the door, and add to that that my dog was barking up a storm at she got all upset and started crying when we got home.  (I was thinking 'you see?  that's what happens when I try to go out with my husband alone, for petes sake!  forget this...')  I was kinda pissed at the guy for scaring my kid, but I could still feel bad for him because I know what's it's like to lose your dog.  You're freakin' out, so you're not really thinking...but duh....if I was looking for my dog and knocking on doors, I wouldn't be getting pissed off because some girl wouldn't open her door for me.  Jerk.  But...the dog is still of today.  After that whole mess, we all went to bed.  The excitement was a bit much, I guess...although, I was having a hard time sleeping because of the soreness from the I flipped and flopped...(and then Adrian wanted to sleep with us..aurgh....)....and then I was hot...and then....ay yi yi.....WHERE'S MY DAMN TRANQUILZERS?!?!?!!?  heh heh.....

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  1. Oh Amy.. why did this entry cheer me up so?  I'm a terrible friend...

    (Laughing still)



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