Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Working up an appetite for....Taco Bell?

We did the horseback thing for Alex yesterday.  I think we're just going to buy him his own helmet since the barn is putting in an order to buy more.  It was pretty chilly yesterday though.  The stalls are drafty....poor horses.  Ah was cold and windy and the goofy horses were out in the rain like they had no sense.  At any rate, being outside built up an appetite, so we came back home and picked up the other two kids and went to Taco Bell.  I have no idea why, but Taco Bell gives some members of my family.......'severe upset stomach'.  (Yeah, but we go there anyway?  @@  duh.)  I'm ok, but I don't eat the tacos.  I always have a grilled steak stuft burrito.  no rice.  no beans.  good stuff.  After that, we decided to go to Home Depot and buy some primer so I could start painting the loft.  We haven't painted it since we moved to this house 5 years ago.  I picked out colors as well.  Since it gets ALOT of light during the day, I picked out a dark dark brown.  It's sexy looking.  I have a satin robe the exact same color as this paint.  The trim color is more of a cream color, so it should look nice.  Although, I have to paint the ceiling, too...and I hate painting ceilings because I wind up with sore neck muscles.  Jesse was saying that it was funny because now, when he does something to the house, he doesn't think of it as something nice, he thinks of it as an investment value.  Have I mentioned it before?  That he is planning on investing in houses.....buying them as foreclosures, fixin' 'em up some, and reselling them.  He's excited.  It seems like it'll be something fun for him.....and we'll get to go hang out with him while he's doing it, so time along with makin' some extra money.  

In other news, I'm waiting for some family drama news from my sister in law, who is never online when she should be.  :)  Oh well, I suppose I should cut some slack.  People do have lives that don't revolve around me as much as I hate to admit it.  

I'll be cleaning and weeding out unnecessary 'stuff' today, since to day is TrashDay.  (Hmm...I may need more coffee.)  I'm starting with the front room.....  wish me luck.  I just hope the garbage man doesn't come up and bang on my door saying 'Look Lady.....we don't have a truck big enough for all of your crap....'  <g>

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