Sunday, December 5, 2004


Amusement for the morning......Paco is at the door begging to go out, so I let him out.  He goes barreling at top speed out the door trying to catch a squirrel only to realize none of the squirrels are out because I already fed them early this morning.  'Yes, don't you feel dumb now, Paco?'  ::giggle::  

I woke up feeling great this morning, even after my rough night.  It was 2:30 before I was finally able to get to sleep, but I woke up ON MY OWN (which was so nice because that never happens...somebody always WAKES me up), and I felt rested.  One cat wandered in and discovered I was awake, so she hopped up and stretched and rolled around with me.  Jesse gets back home today from his Reserves weekend.  They had blues inspection along with their Christmas party at this one.   

I'm still feeling good about accomplishing so much yesterday, too.  I still have to caulk the beadboard in the bathroom, but my to-do list is short today.  Laundry, as always, but that's about it.  Ryan made iced sugar cookies yesterday.  They were SO good.  It took her a long time and she had to tweak the recipe to add more flour, which she was really unsure about, so I said 'Look, just add more flour and if they don't come out, it's no big deal.....the thing is.....are you having fun?' and she said yes, so she kept going.  I think her problem is that she is unsure of having to not follow a recipe.  Then it might be her fault it didn't come out right or I'm really trying to encourage her to go outside the box.  Who cares if it gets messed up.....then you know for next time, right?!  I just let her cook anything she wants, and tell her the truth about the outcome.  Hey, I want her to be able to cook something besides toast and macaroni and cheese when she grows up, you know?  When *I* got married, I was VERY VERY domestically challenged, so I'm trying to help HER along in a better way than I was.  (not to say I had a rough existence in that I never cooked or cleaned because Grandma always did it and she never wanted help, but...)  She asked me if she gets an A+ in Home Ec.  After those cookies, I had to say yes....LOL    

AND.....I baked bread yesterday which came out DEEEEELISH!  Ryan said it looked like it came from the store...and it TASTED like it came from the store.  Even ADRIAN.....who is the pickiest 6 year old on the face of the Earth.....ate 4 slices!!!!  I was beaming!  ::pats self on the back::  I owe a huge thanks to ~*Debbie's Kitchen*~ for that.  Next time, I may experiment and add whole cloves of garlic to it and see how that comes out.  Either way, the extra bread will make some fabulous croutons, so I'm set for a day or two.  (Last nights dinner, by the way...was coffee and bread, followed by sugar cookies for dessert.  How's that for a balanced diet?! LOL) 

.....yesterday, I also joined The Tag Lounge and was inundated with the coolest graphics I'll be looking forward to more fun stuff today.....and it's cool because now Ryan wants to start a journal, now that she found out she can put pictures in it.  LOL   I'll be trying to enjoy the rest of my day...despite the fact that the sun is out in full force today.  ::sigh::  Yesterday's dark clouds and cold temps were awesome.....I SO need to move.....

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