Monday, December 20, 2004

Blinding lights and some yummy food

Alright.  It's done.  The whole grisly scene is reminiscent of Clark Griswold --> National Lampoon's Christmas.  There are lights everywhere.  I said everywhere, didn't I?  It's 6:30 PM and dark outside, but I'm IN the house with all the Christmas lights myself a tan.  :)  Usually our street is dark because it's a dead end, but tonight, buddy.  Tonight, we could land aircraft.    Ah well, Jesse is proud of himself so that's all that matters.

  The family in Texas (and Indiana) have been doing posadas (A History of Las Posadas ) and we were missing them, so we decided to make ourselves some tortas and pretend like we were home.  Can you believe it?  We're making food instead of ordering out.  LOL  If there's anything I miss especially during the's all the food San Antonio has to offer.  (One year, my MIL felt so sorry for us that we were sick and couldn't make our own tamales - which we do every year on Christmas - she FedEx'd us a couple dozen.  What a gem she is, huh?!)  OK....OK...maybe I miss some family, but I REALLY miss Jesse's moms' cooking...LOL


  1. mmmm tamales are my favorite mexican food of all time...i order them whenever we go out...yummm!


  2. That looks really yummy! :) Melaney


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