Monday, December 6, 2004

Code of The Women

1).  I'm getting tired of Windexing the windows because of dog nose prints.  If this keeps up, I'm going to teach the dog to clean up after himself.   

2). My 13 year old son takes a shower today. Shower 2  He's in there for about 15 minutes.  He comes out, and I say to him "You're done?"  'Yep!'  "Are you sure?"  'Yep!'  "Did you wash your hair?"  'Yep!'  ::raised eyebrow::  "Did you use soap?"  'Yep! Now.....this could be a normal conversation.  Except for one thing.  His hair is completely dry.  He does not, in any fashion smell like soap and cleanliness.  Now, I know the boy is mentally delayed.....but come on now...does he really expect that I'm going to believe that he washed his hair when it's not even wet?  Orrrr....did he just hear 'Blah blah blah?' to every question and answer 'Yep!' accordingly?  Either way, I sent him back in there.  Hopefully he comes out smelling a little more like soap and/or shampoo.   

3).  Last night, my neighbor came over to see if Jesse could fix her heater.  She told me to come over, too, because she had some stuff she was going to get rid of and wanted to know if I wanted anything.  (I ended up taking a rooster statue home because I love roosters, but I digress..)  So, while Jesse is there piddling around with the heater, she and I are yapping.  The things we talked about would make a sailor blush...and she is hysterical.  For an hour, we're there talking and giggling.  Jesse finally fixes the heater...and we head off back home.  We're walking down the driveway and she yells 'Call me later, Amy!!'  I unthinkingly yell back 'O.K.!!'  About 10 seconds later, I look at Jesse and say 'Call her?  What the hell am I supposed to call her for?!  We just talked for an hour and a half...'  He looks at me and busts out laughing and says "I don't there a secret code of the women which states you must call a person directly after talking to them in person that I don't know about?" LOL...dumbass....Code of The Women....

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  1. None of my three boys is mentally delayed, and we have this conversation about once a week!  I feel for you, girl! lol


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