Friday, December 10, 2004

Comedy IN errors?

  More often that not, I think 'What in the hell is wrong with me?'  That could also be applied to the people AROUND me.  Now, I don't mean that in a literal sense, mind you....I mean it in the 'how in the world can I be surrounded with so much comedy?'   

Case in point.  This morning, some bubble wrap happened to be on the floor.  The cat also happened to be on the floor.  The kid walked thru the room and a light bulb went off over his head.  Yeah...y'all can see it already, can't you?  Kid stomps on bubble wrap.  Cat jumps up about a foot in the air and yeowls at him.  Then cat gives him an evil look and proceeds to lick herself.  Yeah, that'll show him not to do that again!  (???????)    


I still don't have any Christmas stuff up yet, but Jesse is telling me that he plans on putting up the outside Christmas lights this weekend.  I TOLD HIM we should have just left them up from last year, but OCTOBER, he said 'ok we need to take down those Christmas lights.  It's looking a little redneckish around here.'  I said 'It'll be 2 more months til Christmas!  Just leave them!!'  "Noooo' He says.   ::sigh::  *I* think we should just stick one of those candy cane stick decorations in our yard and call it a day. LOL                                                          



  1. I agree,,,the lights should have stayed up...that is where mine are!

  2. Oh that is so funny, just stick one of those candy cane sticks and call it a day...that's what we should do!

  3. Amy, I really enjoyed reading your journal.  I really liked the entry about the lizard.  Cute.

    Have a great day.. oh and thanks for visiting my journal too!

    for family and friends.

  4. we didnt get out lights down til august! now i wish i hadnt insisted that they come down! hahaha  hope u have a nice weekend!



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