Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Crazy Cats....

The cats have been crazed this morning (afternoon) and have been getting into EVERYTHING.  It started with a 4 ft high box that one of them jumped into and then couldn't get out of.  Then it went on to knocking ornaments off the tree.  Then it went on to racing thru the house at high speeds.....then yeowling while sitting in the middle of the floor.  ???????????????  no more catnip for them!  goodness gracious.....hee hee....  

I've rarely been as glad to see the trash guys pick up as I am today.  We have three trash cans full (including that 'possum carcass....ick)...and three big bags of wrapping paper and boxes from the toys the kids got for Christmas.  I didn't put out the rest of the garbage (that is sitting in my kitchen!!!!) because I figured they'd give me a dirty look for the amount of stuff I put out this time.  :)  They are nice guys, though....  

It seems like spring outside today.  (Y'all up there chest deep in snow...don't hate, ok?!  LOL)  We've been out to play in our t shirts.  (err...of course, we were wearing pants, too)  It'd be a perfect day to grill except for the fact that I didn't really buy anything grill-able last time I went to the commissary.  I guess I'll just bake a ham and have some stuffing tonight for dinner.  I'm sure I'll be warming up some chicken nuggets for Small Fry, as well.  I don't know why he has such a paranoia about some foods, but I'm not going to stress about it.  :)


  1. Hi!
    My names Meg, I just came across your journal. I really like it! Ive been reading several of the entries. They are great! your cats are too cute!! ;-)
    Ill be back..but for now drop me a line..
    Love, Meg

  2. I know how it is sometimes. it seems like every thing is going out of control. you  feel that you cant handle it anymore. i may be 14, but i have very stressful moments all the time.


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