Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Dog Slobber

Right now, you all have NO idea how badly I want a doggie door.  My dog insisted on me getting up to let him out.  He walked back and forth from room to room with his paws making those little scuff noises....he whined.....he leaned over the top of me and breathed on me.  Me...I'm still laying there pretending to be asleep.  and then.....HE LICKED ME!  Not one of those sweet little nudges to say 'Mom?  Are ya awake?'  Nooo...it was one of those huge slobbery WAKE UP GET UP type licks clean across the face.  Anyone who has been licked by a big dog knows what I'm talking about.  Way gross.  By then I opened my eyes and looked at him like he was insane.  1). for licking me and 2). because I KNOW he went out earlier when my husband went to work, so come ON.....does he REALLY have to go?  BUT.....being the good dog mom I am.....I sighed and sat up.  He, of course, went nuts.  'gotta go out...mama get up...gotta go out...'  y'all know the visual.  I get up and make the long trek down the hallway.  He's barreling down the hallway beside me making enough noise to wake the dead...or at least the kids.  I let him out and stand by the door.  What does he do?  He FLIES out the door.  Skids to a stop at the end of the porch.  Sits.  Looks around.  Walks back to the door for me to let him in.  OHHHHHH MYYYYYY  GAWD!  Is he kidding me?!  He woke me up for THAT?!  I let him back in and he trots in looking pleased with himself and goes off to chow on some kibble.  I walk into the kitchen shaking my head.  It's definetely a 4 cup morning....



  1. doncha just love those moments...hahaha, I got you out of bed,ahahaha..NOT!!!!!

  2. Every morning is a four-cup morning!  Thanks for your comment in my journal; I don't believe I've ever visited you before, but I'll be back.

  3. LOL, he just needed to check the back yard, he probably heard intruders :)

  4. FUNNY. WE KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN . But you know that it's worth a little trouble to have a sweet puppy. I wish that I could have my Scottie back, I lost him a few years ago, and I still miss him.
    Your Tennessee Friends. Dad, Mary and Princess.


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