Thursday, December 23, 2004

Happy Day for me.....

                                    Happy Anniversary!! my anniversary.    15 years ago, I was standing in a small church in San Antonio saying 'I do' to the most perfect guy in the world.  (OK...OK...he's got his faults, but so do I.  We're perfect for each other.)  I remember that was SO cold.  One of the coldest nights ever.  I remember him getting the nervous giggles during the ceremony...and me giving him the evil eye.  I remember the cold cold cold drive to the reception hall way out in the boonies.  We got lost.  We finally found it, but by the time we got there, there was a lot of *wink wink nudge nudge* going on.  LOL  We had Kentucky Fried Chicken and brisket and beans.  Hey, it was a Mexican/Irish wedding....don't laugh!  :)  .....and then we went back to my mother in laws' house for Menudo (which I then hated with a passion, and have since grown to love.  I mean the Menudo....I always loved my MIL....hee hee).  AND THEN.....finally, off we our wonderful hotel to......err...take a very romantic bath together.  :)  (PG version, folks!!)  It's been 15 years, (and three kids later) but it seems like it just happened.  He's still the same gorgeous man he was then...with the same gorgeous smile that makes me smile.  He loves me with just as much intensity as he did then....and then some.  He's gotten better with age (gosh, I hope I have too!).....and I can't wait for a lifetime more with him.  Here's to you, babycakes..... I love you ...always 'n forever....  


  1. Awww... so sweet!

    Happy Anniversary!


  2. Wow - Happy Anniversary! Fifteen years is an awesome accomplishment. Congrats!

  3. what a wonderful description of your sounds perfect! may u have a life time of more happy years...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and congratulation..


  4. Finally reading journals!   Love the picture of you two!  Happy Anniversary. ( a few days late :)


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