Monday, December 13, 2004

Is it over yet?

I am RARELY glad to see the weekend come to a close.  The weekend means a little extra time withthe husband.  BUT....I am SO glad this weekend is over.  I am tired.  I did.....a 2 day shopping spree and got all the people who need presents sent to them via the post office FINISHED.  Now comes the wrapping.  ::sigh::  Isn't this supposed to be fun?  Somehow this is not fun.  I really need to start shopping in July.  LOL

In the weird, but freaky category, my neighbor, who is an EMT/Firefighter.....was on the job a few days ago, and fell out of the truck.  Say it with me, folks.  Fell out of the truck.  When I heard this, I said 'Fell out of the truck?!  How the hell can you fall out of a truck?!  Was he wearing a seatbelt?!  HOW can you fall out of a truck?!'  Jesse says "I don't know how those firefighters are always hanging on to the truck when it's moving...maybe he was doing that?'  I looked at him like he was smoking something ( and said 'Dork.  They can't do that.  They have to wear seatbelts!'  (DUH!)  so we saw Mr. Firefighter yesterday on our way off to do some shopping and talked to him, and I was going to make a joke or two, but he seemed a little out of it from painkillers so I didn't want to waste the joke if he was going to just stare at me and not get it.  Can't waste the humor, people!  It only comes in spurts! any rate, Fireman is ok.....I'm sure his pride is wounded and so is his shoulder, but he is up and around, puttering in his yard, so all seems right.....

Today is headed at being a fun fun fun day of boys fighting.  :)  (Now WHERE did I put that packing tape...I KNOW I bought some!)  I think I'm just going to pretend I hear nothing until somebody comes into the room limping and/or bleeding.  :)

Happy Day, everybody!!


  1. Well, no one said firefighters were bright!  

  2. I say that's a great way to conduct things....take it easy unless someone is bleeding, LOL  :-0


  3. LOL  how funny...i think i need to take your advice a bit more around here...totally ignore everyone and anything unless someone comes to me bleeding or limping!! great advice...i agree with u also...your neighbor is a real dork! haha hope your day is better than your weekend..


  4. You totally crack me up.  Remind me not to read your blog while drinking anything....



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