Friday, December 31, 2004

It's almost....2005?!

First, I want to saythat I TRIED to put up a cute New Years graphic and my FTP continues to torment me.  ::sigh:: know...just imagine there's a New Years' graphic up there that's as cool as I am.  heh heh.....

 .....getting another late start, but today it's not my fault.  Jesse is home, and he had to use the computer and it took a while.  He needed to order arch supports from Birkenstocks.  Three hours later, he says 'ok, go do your thing!'  I look at him and say 'Umm...'  He says 'What?'  I say 'My creativity is at its' potential between the first and second cup of coffee.  I don't have anything to say now.'  Dumb, I know, but when I'm between cup one and two, and the kids are still asleep, I can let my brain flow.  As soon as the kids get up...forget it.  Anyway.....I could whine all day about needing another computer in the house, but I guess that's what I'll buy when income tax returns come back. sad is that?  I don't really care that 2004 is almost refund is gonna be coming soon!  ROFL

  The New Year is coming up.  Gotta get used to writing 2005 on my checks now.  Epiphany is coming up too.  and......since I share this story with whoever will's my birthday, too, on the 6th....  and my husbands' name is Jesus.  Get it?!  Get it?!  huh?!  ok...enough of that.....  

Today is probably going to be spent making tamales.  We're cooking the meat now...and will start the masa later on.  Anybody who's coming over, let me know now so I can make enough.  hee hee.....I know, I'm torturing all of you that love tamales.....but hey, if you help, you can take home all you want.  I'm pretty sure we'll have enough to feed the whole neighborhood.  I think we'll be making some menudo, too...but that one is an acquired taste, so I'll expect not so many people asking for some o' that.   (Yes...Menudo really IS tripe.  I just eat the hominy and the broth though....LOL)


  1. I'm already counting on our refund too, even mentioned it to Cliff this morning.

  2. Happy New Years to You and Yours!!!

  3. Happy New Year Amy! I hope you and yours have a very peaceful and blessed new year ;-)


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