Sunday, December 19, 2004

It's a Sunshine Day......

Yep....there is a devil, and his name is Chuck E Cheese.  :)  I'm kidding.  I think.  The pizza was not so good, but the salad was good, and so was the company, so I guess it wasn't a bad time.  I'm offically 'nice mom' again.  Amazing the status you can achieve with finding a few tokens in your pocket. 

Jesse and Ryan will be going to Raymond James Stadium (::ahem::  Home of the Buccaneers <g>) to do a Toys for Tots drive there also.  After the drive, they are given tickets and get to see the game for free.  Last year, they were up in the good seats.  (Yeah, they came home talking about a hard day.  Whatever!  Sitting in an skybox eating whatever you want from the buffet is not my idea of hard work!  LOL)  Ryan also wanted me to mention something here because she said at least somebody would read it and maybe tell somebody else, etc.  She says......that while she thanks each and every one of you if you've donated to Toys for Tots, to try and donate something for the older kids instead of the younger kids.  Everybody donates toys for the younger ones (I know...who doesn't love shopping for little ones), but when it's time to fill their bags for pick up, the older kids don't get much because people haven't donated much for the older ones.  10 and up kinda gets the shaft....and they're the ones who know what the whole gift giving thing is about, you know?  and she says once they get to about 16...forget it.  They get a plastic watch or something because that's all T4T has to offer.  :-/  SO...there's my public service announcement for the day.

I guess the majority of my day today will be spent doing bills, cleaning, etc.  The non-Christmas stuff.  I have no idea how a family of 5 can go thru SO MUCH laundry!!  ......and maybe a little playing on the trampoline with the boys.  I got trampoline burn (like rug burn) yesterday when I was messing around with them. - but I guess it was worth it, because Adrian was really impressed with my 'tricks' LOL

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  1. "Yep....there is a devil, and his name is Chuck E Cheese.  :) "

    Hi Amy, i'm a recent member of the tag lounge also and happened to click on your journal link through one of the group emails ;-)

    I was laughing my butt off reading that quote up there about chuck e. cheese! It's my boys' favorite place to go and i have been making excuse after excuse to avoid the place this week! lol.  

    I donate to our local T4T every year.And i must say, I'm guilty! I usually buy the smaller toys for the smaller kids. I never really thought about the older kids, how sad is that?! So this year i will also donate a few "big kid and teen things" as well. Thanks for sharing that info ;-)

    HUgs & Blessings,


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