Sunday, December 26, 2004


::yawn::  It's over?  it's over?????  *whew*  I am glad Christmas is only once a  I'm exhausted.  The kids are driving me insane about putting batteries in this...plugging that into the TV.....blah blah blah...... I may need to go hide in the closet.  :)  Whose idea was it to get them all this stuff?!  (JESSE!!!!)   

We talked to Jesse's family in Texas on Christmas Eve and heard everybody and their second cousins sister twice removed was there.  ::sniff:: and they were eating tamales and menudo!!  no fair.....we didn't have enough time to make any!  Everybody said they wished we were there (umm...ya, we wished that too.....), but we'll be there for next Christmas so I guess that's something.  Everybody liked what we sent them, so I was happy.    

Christmas Day.....the kids didn't even wake up til we actually went in their rooms and said 'you's Christmas Day.......anybody?  Hello?  Presents?'  :)   So, we did the present some point, there was food....I think.  It's actually pretty much of a blur....LOL.  I DO know that later in the day, we went to our neighbors house for Christmas dinner.  We had Pernil, Deep Fried Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry, and desserts.....and desserts...oh, and desserts...  :)  

I guess today will be cleaning up, resting up, and .....of course, setting up all the stuff the kidlets got.  It was a GOOD Christmas.....  :)


  1. My kids are bickering over games they and so cheated, so and so looked at my cards....maybe a year without gifts next year????

  2. Glad you had a nice day!  I feel the same way...."It's over?"  I'm still looking around at the mess I have to clean up.  That's not quite over.  :)

  3. it sounds like u had a very Merry Christmas...and i am also very glad that it only comes once a year...i couldnt afford it more than that and also it takes a year to get rested up to do it all over again :-) nice pictures too! enjoy your sunday and get some rest...even if it is in the closet LOL



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