Tuesday, December 14, 2004


It's cool and sunny outside today.  I think it's colder IN the house than it is outside.  My cats have taken position on the sun spots in my front room.  For a while, BellaKitty was snuggled right behind my hiney in the computer chair, but since my butt was taking up most of the space and she wanted to stretch out, she opted for the warm spot on the floor.  

I've been on the lookout for a wicker dog bed to fit my big baby.  We bought him a new bed for Christmas (and gave it to him early, because we threw away the loveseat he had claimed as his bed) but it isn't as firm around the sides as he likes, so I'll be on the lookout.  If anybody knows of a VERY LARGE wicker basket, let me know.  My dog will appreciate it.  ALTHOUGH......the new bed really isn't going to waste.  The cats have claimed it.  A small little cat in a Great Dane sized bed.  Cute picture, if I ever figure out how to load the digital pictures onto my computer.  

Not much else going on today.  Alex has his Tuesday horse riding fun, so that'll be some driving.  Ryan is still sleeping (in the afternoon!) because she has been so exhausted lately.  Hopefully she isn't getting sick.  PLEASE DO NOT LET HER BE SICK!  I do not want to catch cooties......


  1. My MIL always thought I was strange because I sometimes had the windows open on somewhat chilly days.  I tried to tell her that I opened the windows because it was colder inside than outside.  


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