Thursday, December 2, 2004

Me 'n my buddy :)

I never knew there were so many animal people in the world.  In my little corner of it, there aren't many people who love animals to the extent I do, so finding the dog lovin' community on AOL is SUPER COOL.  I'll be sharing some dog stories in later entries.  This one will be short since the installers for my Braodband are coming and I really should be cleaning up my desk to make it easier for him to mess around... Paco.  He's a goofy you can tell.  His main goal in life is to entice me on the bed with him and then push me off with his big ol' head...  :)

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  1. Let me know when broadband is up and running.  I hope your cable guy knows more about AOL than mine did.  He ended up deleting everything I had saved on the old AOL, all saved mail and downloads and pictures I've saved over the years.


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