Thursday, December 16, 2004

MMMMMMM.....Warm towels....

Last night......I go to take a shower.  I NEED a me.  At the very same minute I walk into the bathroom, Jesse is walking toward the bathroom.  Screw it, I say......we take a shower together because it's cold in the house and I am looking forward to jumping under some flaming hot water.  (I can think back to a month ago when I said 'We don't really need the water temp this hot, you know...we DO live in Florida!!' all sarcastic-like.....<g>)  Since he doesn't have a lot of hair to wash, he gets finished first and hops out.  I say "I'm not coming out.  I don't want to get out of the water!  It's cold out there!!"  He laughs and says 'So stay there....'  uhhh...ok.  I figure I have another 40 minutes before the hot water runs out.... but about 10 minutes after he leaves, he comes back in saying ' can get out now...'  I sigh, cuz I know I have to get out...I just don't want to......but what do I have waiting for me?  HE WARMED MY TOWEL IN THE DRYER!  Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww  That was THE BEST.  It was a long hard day and that warm towel ......::sigh::   :)  ok...ok....I can hear everybody groaning.  'She's getting sappy over a towel?!'  heh know you're all going to go put your towels in the dryer, too.  LOL  


In other news,  all but 2 of my gifts for people other than my immediate family are done.  Yay me.  Now I need to go stand in line at the 24 hr post office.  I LOVE the 24 hour post office.  So does everybody else because every time I go there, the line is almost out the door.  I really think they should make more post offices 24 hours...or at least with later hours than 6:00.  

We still don't have our Christmas lights up.  ROFL (::Amy mumbles something about JUST LEAVING THEM UP ALL YEAR::)  I figure, though, that since we leave everything up til after Epiphany, we'll get at least a few weeks use out of it, because I"m not leaving the lights up til October.  (Mainly because we plan on moving, but 

Other than that, today should be a low key day for me.  I'm glad forTHAT.....   By the way....just for my own little smidge of knowledge......MY FTP space was not showing me stuff I wanted to see.  I KNOW it was loaded because I SAW it there, but when I go to use Hometown for some pictures to include in the journal...3 FILES show up.  Gimme a break...I know I have mnore than three in there.  I talked to a service tech who told me Hometown WebPages need 72 hours to update.  Ummmmmmmmmmmm has anyone else heard of this little anomaly or is it just my little Twilight Zone?


  1. I love warm towels....we have forced hot air in our I set a rack over the vent and put hte towles on it...awwww...nothing better!

  2. That is sooooo sweet that your  husband did that for's the little things like that, that show how much he loves you :)

  3. Soak in the love of the little things your husband does for you!!!

  4. I think that is so SWEET of Jesse!  I love warm towels too!


  5. what a wonderful, caring hubby u have! i think i am going to tell my husband this story...hopefully he might get the hint! this really shows how much he loves u and appreciates everything u do....have a great day!



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