Friday, December 17, 2004

New Traditions?

I think we are starting a new Christmas tradition.  Here I sit...waiting for Jesse to come back from some place  We have gone out to eat almost every day in the past week....because we're tired or stressed or just don't want to cook.  Last night I made pork chops, fried potatoes, and corn...but before that......I can't remember what I've cooked.  I think........I THINK....maybe it was breakfast last Saturday.  ::sigh::  Isn't that terrible?  On the upside, though.....I've had TacoBell and Burger King....Bruno's (for philly cheese steak and ravioli) ....Miami Subs (for some gyros)....  wow...looking at it, I have a pretty culturaly diverse palate!  LOL  (yes, that was a joke.  <snort>  TacoBell is not culturally anything....but still good nonetheless.  Grilled Steak Stuft Burrito for me!)

The cats got their present for Christmas today in the mail.  A cat post.  One likes it and one is afraid of it.  :)  I really want to get them the kitty condo, but I think I'd have to have more than 2 cats to justify that.  ( Anyway, I put it together ALL BY MYSELF!  Yay me.  I used a wrench and everything!  oooooooooohhhhhhh........LOL

Tonight was Jesse's work Christmas party, but I/we opted not to go.  It's not that fun, and I'd rather sit at home in my pajamas and fuzzy socks than have free food and watch tipsy people try to prove they can dance something other than the WhiteManChickenDance.  Besides, Jesse and Ryan are doing Toys For Tots tonight, so their time was better spent there than at the party. 

I think tonight may, for once, be an early night.  Hopefully, I will sleeping comfortably instead of with everybody and their brother sleeping in my bed.  I know we have a king size bed, but there's really no reason to see how many bodies we can fit on it.  That, and since Adrian slept with us last night, I have a beautiful bruise across my face where he whacked me with a flailing arm in his sleep.  Man, you want to talk better than an alarm clock to wake you up......just get whacked in the face in your sleep and that'll wake you up right quick.  :) Ah well.  Lesson learned.  Guard my face when I sleep.  LOL

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  1. i wish i could afford for us to eat out more than we do! but its expensive...and fast food is not the cheapest anymore...but i agree..grilled stuft burritos are wonderful! the cat post story is so funny...we got one for our cats also...they walked around it and sniffed the daily lights out of it...then walked over and scratched the couch! grrrr!! how do i train them that they are to do it on the new cat post?? any ideas? i can understand about wanting to stay home rather than going to a boring work party..i would probably made the same decision...but then again, i am a home body! hope u have a nice weekend..



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