Friday, December 3, 2004

No more limping

Even though I am writing this entry and the previous entry at the same time, I felt this part of the entry deserved it's own space.  :)  My husband.....was home yesterday.  Why?  you may ask.  Well..........I am pleased to announce to everyone that he FINALLY went to the podiatrist.  ::thunderous applause::  I know...I know...I, too, was impressed.  He's had planters fascitis for a year now and has just been limping and suffering.  When he went for last months' Reserve duty, they had to do a long run, and he came home ready to die, so he finally went to the doctor.  He LOVED this doctor.  The doctor came in, talked to him, didn't BS him, listened to him, and even spent extra time explaining insurance billing to him.  Jesse got 'THE SHOT' into his foot to reduce the inflammation, and he is feeling awesome.  I can actually see the change in him.  :)  Now if his shoulder heals up, and the pain in his knee (which was probably in direct correlation to his foot)......he should be skipping thru the daisies....



  1. While I'm very impressed that he (as a man) finally went to the doctor, I am a little concerned about this skipping through the daisies habit he seems to have.  Do his buddies at work know about this??

  2. (responding to kntryfan1)
    Yes, his buddies at work know about this.  They all wish they could skip thru the daisies, too, but they're so old, they make Jesse skip thru the daisies so they can live vicariously thru him.  (either that or they just make fun of him of the two)  ::giggle::  <snort>


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